Can I e-file my taxes if I am separated with a resident alien spouse with no TIN or SSN?

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My husband lives abroad. We went through a divorce starting Dec 2022. It was tentatively grated last month( my husband can appeal due to local laws). Since Dec 2022 we have not lived together shared finances …etc.

I have also had a restraining order issued against him since Dec 2022 (almost 15 months now). I am preparing to file my taxes for the first time time in the US. I made under 3k in 2023. While preparing the forms, it kept asking me for social of husband. I put in 999-89-9999 is that allowed? I am putting myself as married filing separately as my son is claiming me as a dependent this year. Question is, am I good to e-file using these steps?

Due to obvious reasons my spouse cant obtain/apply for SSN or TIN….


  • MatthewD
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    Generally, in situations like your you can file Single or Head of Household (if you have qualifying dependents), since you did not live together for any part of 2023. The IRS treats you as being "Single". However, with that said, I like to recommend you use this tool at the IRS to check your filing status.