Amend my return

Afrolove24 Member Newcomer

How can I amend my return I made a mistake by filling as single. I’m married but my wife lives in overseas and does not have a social security number. Please help


  • TaxMorgan
    TaxMorgan FreeTaxUSA Agent

    To amend a current year return, click on the website logo at the top of your screen and select "File an amended tax return." Or select the option, "Amend Tax Return" from the Account menu on the right. Your federal and state tax return must be accepted or mailed before you can start an amendment.

    Generally, our software does not support entering a spouse's information without an ITIN or SSN so in that case we may not be able to support your situation.

    If you need further assistance feel free to contact us through the support center of your account as we will have access to your account specific information.