Is AGI taxable income and how do I find last year's AGI.

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Receive error msg. stating AGI or Pin number from last year does not match. I corrected the pin, however, the AGI copy from last year is smeared. I did write the taxable amount and assumed that was the AGI. I entered the latter amount and resent this year's 1040, however, no response.

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    AGI stands for your Adjusted gross income and the amount is used to figure out the amount of your taxable income later on (basically taxable income is AGI - Standard Deduction (and other deductions if you qualified). It has been reported on line 11 of your 1040 form for the last few years.

    You should get a response soon if your returns have been accepted or not. IF it is rejected again, you can get an IRS transcript here:

    If you filed with us last year, you should be able to view your AGI under Account → Prior Returns.

    If your return continues to be rejected, you have an extra 5 days to resolve this after the filing deadline since you tried to submit your return. As a last resort, you can mail in your returns by going to Final Steps → Filing Method. If you file it after the deadline, include a copy of your rejection notice.