Still have not received my tax year 2022 refund

r1111 Member Newcomer

What can I do? I called the taxpayer advocate service and when I was finally able to get someone to answer, I was rudely told to call back and the woman hung up on me. Am I SOL? I have been **** over on taxes before and I get a refund a few years late when I do and I get charged interest when I am forced to pay and I pay on time.


  • kiarab
    kiarab FreeTaxUSA Agent

    I am sorry to hear about your experiences with taxes. I do know that this time of year it is very busy for people who have time sensitive problems.

    The pandemic caused a lot of things to slow down. You used to be able to contact the IRS about the status of your refund if it took longer than three weeks to process. Generally, now you just have to wait.

    However, there may be something you can do. Have you check the IRS's where's My Refund page to view your 2022 refund status? If you do not see anything and you filed on paper, then you may need to send in another tax return. They state that if you are due a refund, filed on paper more than 6 months again and Where's My Refund doesn't show that they received your return, you should resubmit your tax return.