Made Tax Overpayment last week and confused about next steps

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On April 6, I made a large tax overpayment using my credit card and chose the payment category "Form 1040 Current Tax Return 2023" when paying via the payUSAtax payment processor. The overpayment is more than enough to cover my actual taxes owed. I haven't submitted my Tax Return yet, but what are the next steps I should take?

Do I just submit my Tax Return without making another payment and do nothing else? When would the IRS refund me the difference?

Thank you.


  • MatthewD
    MatthewD FreeTaxUSA Team


    That would be an estimated payment. Please make sure you go to the MISC menu for 2023 Estimated Payments and enter the amount you paid. That way it is credited to your return and you can get a refund of the overpayment.