Prior Year State Return

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How do I view a prior year return? Only the federal return shows under "prior year."

I paid for the state.

ETA, I got in using "amend." I wonder if there's something more simple. In any case, it should be easier to find.


  • kiarab
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    If you paid for a prior year state return, but didn't finalize it, you will not be able to see it under the Prior Year link. You will need to sign into the appropriate edition of the software, which you can find here: you should be able to finish it up. Once it is finished, you should be able to review it on the prior year page in future editions of the software.

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    With your explanation I realize that because I had unlocked the State after finalizing, it was no longer finalized and thus the PDF was not there. Still, I had no way to get in and make changes (because the federal was still locked). Only "amend" worked. Thank you.