Make Change to Finalized Paper Return

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I prepared my 2020 return yesterday and it must be paper filed.

I need to make a change and prepare the filing copy again (the software allowed changes yesterday) but it is "finalized."

How can I unlock it now?

ETA, I got in using the "amend" button and then "unlock."


  • kiarab
    kiarab FreeTaxUSA Agent


    I am glad you are able to figure it out. You can also unlock when it is finalized by going to Filing (Final Steps if it is year 2023) and selecting Check Status / Print Tax Return. If it was mailed, you should then be able to see an Unlock Return link on that page.

  • Caterpillar50
    Caterpillar50 Member Newcomer


    I am unable to locate "Filing… Check Status / Print Tax Return" for Prior Returns. Please explain where it is.


  • Taxlady06
    Taxlady06 FreeTaxUSA Agent

    The software has a line of menu bars. These include:
    -Final Steps (or Filing for our software prior to 2023)

    You can click on any of these tabs and a drop-down menu will appear that will allow you click on and re-visit any section. To unlock your 2020 return, you would click on the "Filing" tab and then "Check Status/Print Return" from the drop-down menu. Here there will be a blue link that will allow you to unlock your return. You can then use the tabs to go back and update as needed.