Not receiving the email

hoopie053 Member Newcomer

I can sign into my account but once it says it will send an email with the conformation code, I do not receive it. I have never had any problems with this at all until a few days ago. Is there an issue with the site that would interfere with what I am doing?


  • KFine3325
    KFine3325 FreeTaxUSA Agent
    edited April 14

    We are aware of some issues customers are having who use Comcast as their email provider. We are working with them to make sure they are allowing the verification codes to come through.

    We recommend:

    1) Add to your email whitelist or address book. This will tell the email provider that it's a trusted address and will deliver the verification code faster.

    2) You could try an alternate method, like receiving their verification code through SMS.

    We appreciate your patience.