Times Running Out

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I submitted my return and realized I had a 1099R Form from a former employee retirement account. They made a distribution on the money I had in there, but didn't know anything about it. I found the check, that's not cashed, but what are my options? Can I forward this to my IRA? I have a Roth and a traditional IRA. Today is Sunday the 14th. and I get in touch with either my IRA company or the IRS.



  • PhillipB
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    Unfortunately, it is likely too late to do anything about the 1099R besides amending your return to report the income. If the check was issues under 60 days ago, you could have rolled over the distribution. However, at this point, the distribution is income that needs to be reported on the return.

    Amend as soon as you can, but if you have already filed the 2023 return you not under the obligation to file the amended return by the 4/15 deadline tomorrow.

  • SteveGA45
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    Gotcha, I appreciate your help. Amending my 2023 return looks like my only option.



  • cindybbm
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    I chose FreeTaxUSA because I have $2.19 in my checking account & won't have anymore money in it til the 4th Wednesday of month. I was told since I am retired & have no other monies anywhere else, I could simplify the return so I chose the FREETAXUSA. I got all the way to the end & discovered it was going to cost me some money. I thought I had made myself clear that I had NO Money & I wouldn't be charged. Used my card & naturally got declined. I don't know what to do now. I don't owe the IRS from 2023 & IRS does not owe me. However, I received a letter last week indicating that if I don't come up with $826.92 & pay ASAP for my 2022 Federal taxes, they could seize my house. I had talked to some girl last week considering if I could do an Installment Agreement. She said I could for the 6 months & I should be okay, So, I thought I was in the clear but after last night & filing, I see I need to pay for an extension & I'm still in the RED & can't even pay for that until Social Security. Please help. Cindy

  • MatthewD
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    Hello Cindy,

    One option is to only file your federal return now, which is free. Remove the other products from your order and only file the federal return for free. Then return and pay for your state return when you can.