where would you enter an IP PIN

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my file was rejected because I got divorced and don't have access to the prior years AGI or the prior year self select pin thing. I didn't work so I didn't have to file any income for myself so I entered zero for the AGI like it said but then it came back rejected saying that either my AGI or self select pin didn't match the previous year's. But it looks like if I get an IP PIN that will verify my identity over the other two options. But when I get that, I don't know where on the filing part to enter it.

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  • PhillipB
    PhillipB FreeTaxUSA Team
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    Follow these steps:

    1.) Click on the Misc TAB > Click Identity Protection PIN in the dropdown menu.

    2.) Answer yes next to your name to indicate that you have the PIN > enter the PIN in the box that unhides > then click Save and Continue.