My Parents Doesn’t Have a SSN and I can’t file my tax without it.

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To preface, I’m currently a 21 years old full-time international student in California. I have been living here for almost a year now. My parents, Non-US Citizens, are back at home in Cambodia.

I recently obtained my SSN last January, and I also work at my university and make some earned income. However, this income isn’t more than half of what my parent supported me with since they primarily provide financial assistance to help pay my tuition.

As such, I’m led to the page where I have to fill out my parent’s information specifically their SSN which they do not have because they are not US citizens.

This is the only hurdle left that is preventing me from filing my tax return. I’ve filed for an extension just in case. How can I proceed forward?

I would also like to ask if the federal refund I’m getting is higher than the tax I have to pay to California, does that mean I’m expecting a refund in the end from the IRS? If so, if I were to miss the tax deadline, would I incur a tax penalty even though I don’t owe them money?

This is my first time filing taxes so any guidance is much appreciated! Thank you.



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    Thank you for joining our community, Dnhem.

    This is a CA issue for underage taxpayers that have unearned income. Yes, the Form 3800 does ask for Parent's information, but since they don't live in the U.S. or have SSN/ITIN there is no way to report their information on the FreeTaxUSA page for Parent Information. You will have to input their name and a bogus SSN with ****-XX-****, to leave the page and move forward. There is a bubble for "Didn't file a California Tax Return". This will allow you to move forward. There is a tax applied to unearned income that will be added to your CA Form 540 tax.

    Refunds from the IRS come separate from any state refund or tax owed. Meaning, if you have a federal refund from your return, you will get it separate. You will have to pay CA separate as well. FreeTaxUSA 2023 software provides refund information at the top of the account page for federal and your state.

    If you are receiving a refund from the federal return, there is no penalty to filing after the deadline on a tax extension. You are welcome to follow the direction in this comment, or you can ask for more support by upgrading your account to Deluxe or Pro Support and start a chat with an Agent.