What are the California adjustments/income subtractions that are taxed different from federal?

Rowen Member Newcomer

On the FTB site, there's a space to enter Adjustments/Income Subtractions for the amount of CA nontaxable income we entered on our federal tax return: https://webapp.ftb.ca.gov/DirectfileCF/IncomeAdjustments

How do we find that amount? Where do we look? How do we calculate that?


  • MatthewD
    MatthewD FreeTaxUSA Team

    Hello Rowen,

    It is very uncommon to have CA nontaxable income on your federal return and make these adjustments. One example may be Medicaid Waiver payment that were taxable on the federal return, but not taxable to CA.

    You should be aware of any federal amounts that are not taxable to CA.