Why IRS hasn't withdrawn my tax payment yet?

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I filed my tax return and got accepted by the IRS on 4/13/24. I used direct debit so that the IRS will withdraw my tax payment from my bank account on the date I chose (on 4/15/24). However, until now (4/16/24), IRS hasn't withdrawn my tax payment yet. How long will IRS withdraw tax payment? What should I do now?

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    Thank you for filing your tax returns on time. There is not a specific time frame for when the IRS will honor that direct debit date and account after filing. Your responsibility is to keep the balance due available for when it is processed to avoid issues with your payment. This is very inconvenient, but since the IRS is a large government entity, processes such as payment by direct debit can take time when there are multiple returns processed at the same time. Please continue to have the balance available, and the IRS will process your payment when they can.