Account Activity regarding SSN being used for another FreeTaxUSA account

4pftony Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I just completed filing my 2022 Federal and State Tax Return. I created an IRS account and account in the process of filing my taxes with FreeTaxUSA.

I got an email quoting, "we found another FreeTaxUSA account that was set up using your Social Security Number." I never created another account but it seemed like a bug/glitch to me since I just finished downloading and completing my taxes.

Should I be worried about this? Can FreeTaxUSA Customer Service check if this is true?


  • TaxMorgan
    TaxMorgan FreeTaxUSA Agent Posts: 12

    Hi 4pftony,

    You'll want to sign in to your account and contact customer support directly from the support center so we can look into the situation further.