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Filed federal and state returns. Got confirmation that both were accepted.

When I log into IRS website I don't see anything that the return has been accepted just a message that it takes 21 days to process an electronic return.

I authorized a direct debit payment days ago when filed but my bank is not showing any activity.


When filing with freetaxusa Does it take up to 21 days for return to be processed so the payment is not going to be processed for 21 days?

Should make a new payment to meet deadline 4/15?

Thank you


  • MatthewD
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    Hi art,

    First, don't make another payment if your return was accepted. The IRS uses the Acceptance date as the date the return was accepted. When the IRS processes your tax return and the direct debit, they will use the acceptance date as the payment date. Your payment may come out a couple weeks after April 15th, but it will be considered timely.

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    If you scheduled a direct withdrawal of your IRS payment, the payment information was transmitted to the IRS when they accepted your return. The IRS can be slow at making direct withdrawals (especially around the deadline), but as long as your payment was scheduled on or before April 15th, the IRS will not penalize you for their slowness in withdrawing your payment. If a direct withdrawal was scheduled, you do not need to make another payment to the IRS. Instead, just continue to monitor your bank account to know when the IRS finally does take their payment.

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    I did not receive a confirmatory email that taxes were submitted. However, I was able to print off completed forms for both state and federal. What happens now?

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    A quick note of caution.

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    Hi Dave3145,

    When a tax return is electronically transmitted through FreeTaxUSA, you'll receive an email stating your return was accepted at the IRS and/or state, or rejected and needs correcting before resubmitting. We recommend you check your junk mail or spam folder on or within a few days of when the return was transmitted as sometimes the acceptance/rejection email ends up there.

    If your 2023 tax return was not submitted electronically, after you print your returns, you'll need to sign, date, and mail the returns to both your state taxing authority and the IRS. Be sure to keep a copy for your records, and send a copy of your federal return with your state return.

    I like to recommend sending tax returns via certified mail return receipt requested for proof of delivery. It's about $8 at the post office.