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This has always been confusing to me, with contradictory statements all over. I am re-reading pub 969 to understand this better, but here is the situation.

  • I have an HDHP (Family Coverage) plan that covers me and 2 kids.
  • My wife is on HDHP (self-only Coverage) plan that only covers her.

What is our individual and total HSA contribution limits for 2024? For simplicity, let's assume no employer match or contribution.

Is it:

  1. $8,300 for my family coverage, and $4,150 for my wife (for a total of $12,450 for us together)? Or
  2. $4,150 for my family coverage, and $4,150 for my wife (for a total of $8,300 for us together)?

All these years we have being doing (2) above i.e., to the "IRS max for family coverage" between the 2 of us. But re-searching, it appears to be (1)?

Any experts, please confirm.



  • MatthewD
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    Hi diordria,

    That is a great question and it has a straightforward answer.

    Your maximum contribution in 2024 is $8,300 for the family, even when you have two plans. The IRS states in Publication 969, "Rules for married people. If either spouse has family HDHP coverage, both spouses are treated as having family HDHP coverage.  If each spouse has family coverage under a separate plan, the contribution limit for 2023 is $7,750." ($8,300 for 2024)

    When you enter your HSA contributions reported on your W2, if you have an amount over the limit, the software will catch the excess amount and recommend that you withdraw it.

  • diordria
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    thanks! Yeah that was my understanding as well. But I was confused when an agent on the FTUS chat service said it is individual limits. Thankfully I triple checked before filing finally. Thanks again!