*Please Help* How do I remove form 8962 from my tax return

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The software is saying that I qualify for a form 8962 and it automatically is adding it to my return. However, I know for sure that I do not qualify for the premium tax credit (PTC) that form 8962 is requesting. I know this because the last software I used (HNR Block) also told me to file this form, I filled out the form, and the IRS denied it for the 2022 tax year because no APTC was paid for my coverage. The same situation applies this year, and I would rather not go through the pain of another rejected tax return. I would like to file WITHOUT form 8962, but I don't see a way to remove it.

Does anyone know how to remove this?


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    Hi djrowe75, thanks for writing in.

    Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, is created in our software program when information from Form 1095-A is added. To remove Form 8962 you will need to delete the input from Form 1095-A in the Credits/Deductions section under Health Insurance > Marketplace Health Insurance (Form 1095-A).