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Hey, my wife and I got married in 2023 and when we did our taxes we thought it be simpler the first year to file separately. Afterwards once we already filed, we realized this would result in us both having Roth IRA issues that has gotten me penalized for over contributions and we now want to amend our tax returns to file jointly. So I have ADHD and trying to make sense of some of this stuff gets kind of difficult, but I have a couple questions after starting the amendment process on FreeTaxUSA.

1. Do we both have to file an amendment or does just one of us?

2. When I start the process on FTUSA it asks for the overpayment amount. We both owed originally and I have no way of knowing if I actually overpayed in a post amendment. Do I just leave this 0? When I do leave it 0, it shows a pretty generous tax return at the top of the screen, which doesn't make much sense considering I paid around $7k when I filed in April. Seems like alot considering its around $2500 for a refund.

3. Do I go through and add all my wife's income, deductions , etc, or do they already have that information from her filed return?

4. If we do end up getting any kind of money back, does the IRS send us a letter or automatically refund into an account? Also, will I have to pay the IRS penalty for over contribution of the Roth for $157 if I amended?

Thanks for any help!


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    Hi BMUCK2888,

    Congrats on getting married!

    Only one amended return is filed. The IRS automatically removes one of the Married Filing Separate returns. If you are listed first as the primary taxpayer, the IRS will remove your wife's separately filed return.

    An overpayment refers to an original refund. Since you both originally owed, leave this blank. If you or your wife paid a balance due on either of your original returns, enter that amount by following this path:

    Personal > Amended Information > "Tell us about your original federal return" > Tax Paid

    When you enter an amount here, it's going to show up on your amended return, Form 1040X, Page 1, line 16, and be credited towards a new balance due or refund.

    You will include all your wife's personal and tax information, just like it is on her original return. You need to add it onto your jointly filed return.

    Your amended return shows one of two possibilities - a refund, or a balance due.  If a refund, the IRS will send the refund by itself, there's no letter that goes out. If you owe, you'll need to pay of course and you'll determine how you want to pay. As to the penalty, I can't say for sure because all information on your tax return is taken into account in a formula. Use this information here as a guide.