Am I able to use FreeTaxUSA if I am a statutory employee?

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This is my first time using FreeTaxUSA. I am filing for the year 2021. I just filled out my profile information. I am inputting my W2 information. On my W2, it shows that I am a statutory employee. On FreeTaxUSA, it is "Statutory Employee - N/A" It says that it is not supported. What does this mean? Am I able to still use FreeTaxUSA? I was able to fill in all of the other boxes. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for asking. We just began supporting the ability to report statutory employee income starting with the 2022 edition of the software. Unfortunately, our 2021 edition is not equipped to report statutory employee income, so you won't be able to use our software to prepare your 2021 return. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.