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I received form CP567 : the IRS rejected my ITIN application because they say I did not provide the additional information, which I did…. but apperently they did not receive my mail.

A few days after I receive form 14433 ' Return of original doc'. It has the additional information that they say in form CP567 , they never received. I am confused. The 14433 form also says they are processing my FORM W7.

What is it now? Is my ITIN application rejected and do I need to start the whole proces all over? Or, is the ITIN appl in proces?


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    Hi LISA1980,

    Sorry to hear you're getting some mixed messages about your ITIN application.

    Since FreeTaxUSA doesn't have access to your account application information at the IRS, we have no way to know if the IRS has or has not rejected your ITIN application, or if it is actually in process. The IRS website for the CP567 Notice states:

    What you need to do

    • Read your notice to see why we rejected your application or revoked your ITIN.
    • Make sure you don't qualify for a Social Security number (SSN) and you qualify for an ITIN.
    • Make sure your documents are correct.
    • Send us the information we've requested.
    • Send us a new application. Fill it out completely. Answer all the questions. Attach the correct documents. Attach copies of your tax return and paperwork to it.

    You may need to send a new application.

    There is not a dedicated number for you to call to speak to someone in the ITIN unit. The instructions for Form W-7 show the main number to call for help is 800-829-1040.

    You may choose to wait to see if the IRS processes your information as suggested in the 14433 letter, or you may need the help of an Acceptance Agent (AA). You can also visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center for additional help.


  • LISA1980
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    Thank you for this information.

    I have an appointment with the IRS office tomorrow. I hope they will be able to help me.

    I also called the number 800-829-1040 yesterday. This lady told me she could not look up the status of the ITIN application, even when I gave her the reference number. She just sayd, I had to start the application again…. Not the answer I wanted to hear and not much of a help.