I need the EIC

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Im supposed to get the EIC FOR $1.400,AND IVE BEEN TRYING because I need the money?


  • KristineS
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    Hi pablocruise2024, thanks for writing in.

    Earned Income Credit (EIC) is calculated on your tax return based on your filing status, number of dependents, age, and certain earned income types.

    Based on information you enter into the FreeTaxUSA program, our software will correctly calculate the amount of EIC you're elgible to receive as part of a refund from the IRS. Generally, there is additional wait time for a refund that includes EIC while the IRS verifies information on your return.

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    Hello KristineS or anybody at FreeTaxUSA; I have a concern in reference with my 2023 Income tax that I did thru your Community and my question is that I had to amended our Income tax because I forgot to report the 1099-R from Principal Life Insurance Co for the 401-K pension plan that belong to my spouse, when I submitted the amended Federal and State taxes which was April 30/24 both were accepted and the E-Filed Federal Refund is in the amount of about $2,500.00 Dollars which according to the IRS will take between 16 to 21 weeks in order they refund our money but the State Tax we owed them which was almost $2,000.00 they immediately withdraw the money from our checking bank acct on the next day they received it and accepted, this doesn't make any sense why they take too long to refund our money, we'll like to have an explanation of this lateness from the IRS, thanks in advance for your response to our inquire. Sincerely George & Angela.

  • KristineS
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    Hello - and thanks for writing in.

    Sorry to hear the IRS is taking longer than expected to process your tax return and get your refund to you. The general rule is to allow 16 weeks for processing after it has been received before you receive your refund. That's a guideline only, and can be frustrating when it takes longer. FreeTaxUSA has no control over the timing of when the IRS receives and processes your tax return, or the sending of your refund.

    State and federal tax authorities work independently of one another, and it sounds like your state processed the information on your tax return more quickly and withdrew the money.

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    Hi Libertador020,

    That is a pretty common situation. When you owe tax and choose to pay the amount via direct debit (ie. right out of your bank account), the state can withdraw your money much more quickly. When filing a return past the April deadline, the payment date sent with your return will be the same date that you submit the return. Please also note that since it is past the April deadline, you will want to pay your state tax owed as quickly as possible to minimize late penalties and interest.

    The IRS takes a long time to process amendments because it can take additional verification by IRS agents. I am sorry for the delay—I know it can be frustrating to wait a long time to receive a refund.

    You can check the status of an amendment here: