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We moved to a no-tax state from MI towards end of 2022. My employer withheld MI state tax from my payroll till June 2023, at which point my job location was changed from Michigan and they stopped wothhding. Do I owe Michigan any taxes for 2023? If yes, then how do I file my state return? If no, then how do I file my return to get the withhd tax back?

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    If you were not a resident of Michigan for all of 2023, and no work was performed in, or for an employer located in Michigan, no, you would not owe Michigan state tax. To claim these withholdings, you will need to file a Michigan state return using the Non-resident status, Non-residents are not subject to state tax, meaning any withholdings reported to the state of Michigan will be given back to you in the form of a tax refund.