Page of W2 local wage / tax didn’t upload.

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Hi I have 3 W2’s or 3 pages from employer; federal, state and local. When I upload to the software it looks like it uploaded just federal and state.

Live in NJ and work in Phila PA. I know that Phila local tax can be used as a “sort of credit” for NJ state return. I also know that I don’t need to fill out a PA tax return.

The problem is on the page I’m referring to that I don’t see uploaded in the software it has…

Box 18(local wages) $XYZ

Box 19(local income tax) $2775

Box 20(locality name) 51 PHILA

So know I’m confused. I’m already done the federal part and haven’t moved onto the state part.

Appreciate the help!

Edit; on a different software a colleague told me he has these sections

Income and taxes withheld; box 1-14

State taxes; box 15-17

Local taxes; associated state(PA), box 18(local wages and tips), box 19(local income tax), box 20(locality name).

In free tax USA I’m not seeing Local taxes section?