Missing a form or page that didn’t upload?

macher Member Level 2

Live in NJ work in Phila PA. I know that I don’t need to fill out a PA return. I also know that I can use Phila locality tax as a sort of credit for NJ return.

From my employer I have what looks like 3 forms. Federal, state local. I uploaded forms to software but looks like the local didn’t upload.

I was talking to my payroll department and they said that on software you should have 3 sections in software.

Income and taxes withheld boxes 1-6

State taxes boxes 15-17

Local taxes which should have Pennsylvania associated state, local wages and tips, local income tax and locality name 51 PHILA.

I don’t see the Local taxes section in free tax USA which would have PA associated state, wages and local income tax.

Help appreciated.