I worked as an independent contractor for Shipt for a few months-can I take mileage off on taxes

jmchatty Member Newcomer

I got the standard 1009-NEC in the mail and figured out where to enter the nonemployee compensation in my tax program—just not sure if I can take mileage off and where to put it if I can ?

Thank you for any guidance on this



  • Henry
    Henry FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hi jmchatty, your 1099-NEC income should generally be linked to a Schedule C to be reported as business/self-employment income.

    If you used your car for your business, then you can claim those expenses on your Schedule C. In the software, select Income > Business Income (Schedule C) from the menu to enter your information. When you come to the 'Your Business' screen, you will see several categories that you can choose from. One is 'Vehicle Expenses.' You will be prompted to enter the necessary information for claiming your expenses.

    Keep in mind that the IRS allows you to claim a deduction for business miles that you drove your car, but that does not include most commuting expenses (driving from home to work and back). You can refer to Chapter 4 of IRS Publication 463 for more information.